Working in Time (W.I.T.) is an Android based app currently available for mobiles, designed to work in the most remote places or just at home. From small business to large enterprise corporations, clocking in and out of staff could not be made easier.

The Working in Time (W.I.T.) app comes with a highly advance Cloud Shaka Platform. Information clocked is first stored on the app before getting sent to the Cloud Shaka Platform. This has many benefits from increased reporting data to been able to use less data and save money connecting and uploading information by WiFi. This also gives great use when in remote places where a mobile connection is not available for data to sync, giving the app the ability to work off line.

Once on the Cloud Shaka Platform you can view the information by Date, Zones, Projects, Teams and much more. All data from Date, Time, and GPS co-ordinates are captured and reflected on the reports, giving advanced features to assess Staff are at the right location and time when clocking. All of this available on reports making it easy and quick to review.

The ability to have just a few staff or thousands of staff all around the world, knowing and having information available on Daily payroll reports or Weekly Reports and been able to export as xls and imported in to most accounting systems for further use or just as a Daily register for your Business needs.

One of the most powerful features, apart from setting up your business in minutes is the fingerprint reading capability’s designed in to the App.

A simple fingerprint reader attached to a mobile phone or a Mobile Authentication Unit, gives you the ability to clock High Numbers of staff in minutes and at the same time providing secure and accurate information. This can be used as access control to a Complex, Site or any controlled area allowing through access for Operative’s, Staff or Residents.

Clock-in and Clock-out using fingerprints gives not only clear information about when and where a person clocked, it controls your security and increases your safety by giving the correct information and having it available at any time to review. Allowing only those who have been given access to a area the ability to clock gives controlled access. An example of this would be Staff getting a Site induction before been allowed to clock, this increasing safety by stopping those who are not inducted from going on site.

Other features such as creating multiple Business profiles, linked to one business profile makes managing large numbers of staff and business entities easier. Centralising information and providing greater communication through the app to any and all staff. This giving quicker and more accurate instruction reducing risk and misinterpreting instructions.

Adding projects and teams gives increased visibility of where and when work is been carried out. Great for feeding back to overall programs and planned work for updating on a daily bases, increasing productivity and decision making made easier with the standard reports available.